Why Use an Outside Consultant for Sales Tax?

  1. You do not know what you do not know. A sales tax review can bring specific knowledge that positively impacts your operations.
  2. It will bring in outside professional horsepower and not take away from you and your staff’s more pressing demands.
  3. Even if tax savings are not found there is a level of assurance that all is well.
  4. If savings are found it can immediately impact the current year net income as well as the future. You cannot make money as fast as you can save it.

Why not use your Auditor for these Services?

You can. You have a relationship with them and a level of trust. Therefore they are a good option.


Why use True North?

  1. Our approach. Our consultant’s are curious and motivated. We do not have a 25 page audit program. We ask about your business and its processes. We then ask “why?”. Every time sales tax is expensed we ask “why? Is there an opportunity to get all of it or some of it back historically and/or going forward?” We will not leave it alone until we are 100% satisfied. Its simple and it works.
  2. We have sat in your seat. We recognize that you and your staff’s time is important and we set out to do practically all the work required for the review and only consume staff’s time when absolutely required and approved by you.
  3. True North Tax Recovery has 100’s of clients throughout Canada and the U.S. In our client agreement and our professional accounting designations confidentiality is of the utmost importance. We do not talk about clients. They are not mentioned on this website.
  4. With True North you remain in control of the review. Opportunities are brought to your attention. You decide if and how we move forward.
  5. True North Tax is successful over 85% of the time in effecting worthwhile sales tax savings for our clients.
  6. True North is focused on sales tax. There is no up selling or the need to protect existing business.
  7. Typically True North Tax Recovery works on a contingency basis and is compensated only when related sales tax savings are in your bank account. Therefore there is no financial risk. Only reward. You win, we win. If we do not create any savings, there are no costs.