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Why We Specialize in Sales Tax

And our 19 years of experience

Regardless of your organization’s size, complexity, or mandate cost savings are paramount. One significant cost, that often does not get much attention, is sales tax.

This was my experience as a controller and CFO in private industry. Income taxes, cash flow, budgeting, reporting requirements, external auditors consume all available time. External auditors as well spend little time on sales tax as they are properly focused on the financial statements and incomes taxes. Sales tax is relegated to a couple of questions on an audit checklist.

True North specializes in Canadian sales tax.

We know your time is scarce and we appreciate you learning a little more about us. With that in mind we have kept the website verbiage as brief as possible. Click here to learn about our services or understand more about why to consider hiring an outside sales tax specialist.

We would welcome the opportunity to learn about you and your organization.